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Syndications made EASY. The Particimint platform makes the work and hassle of syndications a thing of the past.

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Robust and Easy to use

Easy to use and access to all essential information


Easy access to a wide variety of reports all in one place. We showcase portfolio level data down to deal-by-deal and day-by-day repayments.

Real-Time Info

Fast and transparent. Log into the Participant portal for real-time access to your syndication information.


Filter data according to your requirements and export to excel for your own analysis.

Access to Capital

Utilize Particimint's network of Participants to gain access to additional syndication capital. And use our marketplace to gain access to deal flow.

The Easiest way to manage your Participants

Easily Join as an individual Participant, or build your own syndicate using our Syndicate Manager tool. And, view all of your Syndicates in one place, easily see transactions, balances and history.

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Switch between Participants easily

  • Switch
    As a Particimint Manager you will be able to toggle between Syndicate Manager and Participant views. See exactly what your Participants are seeing, cutting down on support issues and minimizing time spent on Investor Relations.

  • Daily Report
    Receive daily repayments & portfolio snapshots via emails or SMS

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